Winter Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I wanted to try something new for this next blog post, so I decided to make a winter favorites edition. I’m so excited for this…so let’s get started!

I decided to pick my winter favorites from a few categories. These are the categories I chose: fashion, jewelry, skin care, books, and of course, miscellaneous.



{shoes / amazon}

I actually found these shoes on sale at a local store, well actually my mom found them (thanks Mom! ^_^), but you can find them on amazon as well. These shoes are so pretty and they are perfect for every season! One of my favorite things about these shoes are that they are so diverse, I can wear them with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, capris, the opportunities are endless! The white crochet makes them look so dainty, and easy to dress up or down.


{socks / amazon / similar}

I have worn crochet socks so many times this season! They are not only warm and comfy, but they are also bound to add the perfect touch to any outfit. This season I have mainly worn these crochet socks with skirts and dresses, but in the summer, they could look really cute with shorts and high top converse for example. I wore these socks with either high top converse and a dress for a more casual look, but when I wanted to be more dressy, I wore these socks with booties, like in these pictures. They make any outfit look so girly and cute.




{necklace / pink salt riot}

I honestly cannot tell you how much I LOVE this online shop! As a hand letterer and lover of lettering/calligraphy and art, these jewelry pieces are hard to resist. This necklace looks so beautiful, and you can easily wear this everyday or for a special occasion. Plus St. Paul is one of my favorite saints, and the name Paul means “small” or “humble,” and wearing this necklace is a great reminder for me to be more like St. Paul.


{ring / pink salt riot}

Here is another piece of jewelry from pink salt riot. This ring is so simple, and yet so beautiful. I strive to wear it on a regular day basis, because it is a reminder for me that God has me in His hands, and that I should always put my complete trust in Jesus, because He has my best interest in mind and loves me more than I can imagine.

I totally recommend checking out pink salt riot, I love literally all of her items…it’ll be hard to choose only one or two things to buy!

{skin care}


{castor oil / amazon}

I have great a few skin care products as part of my winter favorites, but I wanted to start out with this castor oil I have been using. I learned from my sister that putting certain oils on your eyelashes help them grow thicker, longer, and it also strengthens them. Prior to using castor oil, I used coconut oil, which gave me amazing results. Although I enjoyed using coconut oil on my eyelashes, I wanted to try out a heavier oil, so I decided to try out castor oil. I have noticed a lot of improvement! I just apply it to my top and bottom lashes with a q-tip before going to sleep. The most important thing when buying castor oil is to make sure it is organic, and is for skin/hair care.


{toner / pixi}

{hydrating mist / pixi}

Pixi glow tonic is really an amazing toner. It makes my skin feel extra clean and also gives it an extra glow, and plus the color of the toner is so beautiful! Believe it or not, I actually bought the hydrating milky mist by accident at a local store, but then I ended up really loving it. I put it on before my regular moisturizer just to add an extra layer of moisture and prevent my skin from getting dry in these winter months.


{sheet masks / bath and body works}

Sheet masks are most definitely my favorite types of facial masks. My skin always feels so soft after I take off the mask, and the next day it always looks so glowy and healthy.



{book / emotional virtue}

I was so blessed to hear the amazing Sarah Swafford speak, and after hearing her talk, I couldn’t help but buy her book. This book is such a blessing in my life, as it talks about character-development and just how to grow so much closer to Christ. It’s an easy read, and Sarah Swafford adds in lighthearted areas in the book as well which makes it very enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend.



{polaroid / amazon /  similar}

This polaroid camera was actually a Christmas present (thanks Mom and Dad!) and it has quickly become one of my favorite things ever. I love polaroids, and I feel like polaroids are so special and unique because you really only have one shot. I also think it’s so special how there’s only one kind of a polaroid picture. Like that’s the only picture that will look like that. I love how my Christmas gift came with all these extra things that add a lot of fun!


my Christmas present came with filter lenses, frames, a zoom lens, a scrapbook, and some twine as well as adorable mini clothes pins to hang the pictures.

I literally cannot get over the camera bag/case. IMG_8436

It’s so adorable and I love how it literally molds around the camera. Can I just carry this instead of a purse? (:


{candle / bath and body works}

This last winter favorite is also a Christmas gift. Candles will always and forever be a favorite of mine in every season. But especially in the winter…they are so cozy. This specific candle was a special edition for Christmas, I believe, but I think that the one in the link is the same scent (even though it’s for Valentine’s day). When picking out candle scents I usually go for something deep and sweet, so something like snickerdoodle, or like this candle, hot cocoa and cream. I love the candles that make it smell like something is baking. However when it’s summer, I enjoy more fruity scents.

And that brings us to the end of my winter favorites blog post! I had so much fun taking pictures and writing up this post. I know it’s something new, but I look forward to doing more blogposts like this in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading, and don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss ANY posts! Comment down below, which one of these was your favorite!

thanks for reading!

Also I wanted to say that I will consistently be posting every other week on Saturdays.


Christmas Lettering!

Hello Everyone! Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is literally on Monday. I am so happy because I FINALLY got to do some Christmas themed lettering today.

This first one is part of the chorus from the song “Hallelujah Light has Come” by Barlow girl (my favorite Christmas song!!)


and here is the other one I did. I think we all know where this is from 😉


I hope everyone has a merry Christmas! thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment!

-Sabrina ^_^


Dutch Braided Headband (SHORT HAIR holiday hairstyle!)

Hello hello everyone! Since Christmas is coming so fast, I thought it would be fun to show you a DIY holiday hairstyle! This hairstyle works great with short hair, and also looks fabulous on long hair as well. Here are some pictures of the hairstyle, you can learn how to do it by following this link: Dutch Braided Headband



First Fashion Haul

Hello hello! I’m super excited to share my first ever clothing haul with you all! (see what I did there : P) I love fashion and reading fashion blogs. I think it’s so fun and inspiring to see other people’s tastes in fashion, where they got certain clothing, etc. Today I am going to share three of my favorite outfits–let’s go!


This first outfit is super warm and comfy, and it’s perfect for the fall/winter.


Sweater ~ Kohls ~ Similar


This sweater is cozy and soft. The color reminds me of the smell of cinnamon and is the perfect color for the cold weather. I especially love that the sleeves are puffed as well which really adds an extra touch.


I paired the sweater with these jeans. The detail on the bottom is really cool. When I bought these jeans they were plain, but then I ripped and sewed the patches underneath myself. It took about 10+ hours, but I’m really happy with the way they turned out.

Heart Pendant ~ Amazon ~ Similar    Bracelet ~ Amazon ~ Similar

This is the jewelry that I chose for this outfit. My sister gave me the pink heart pendant and the Miraculous Medal bracelet was a gift as well. They go perfectly with the outfit because of the purple accents.


Boots ~ Walmart ~ Similar

Shoes are hands down my favorite part of picking out outfits! These boots are great for the outfit because of the deep brown color and tan accents.



This next outfit is great especially as a day-to-night look. You can wear it all day and still be ready for a fun evening especially when you want to dress on the casual-nice side.


Long Sleeve ~ Target

The lace in the front really adds a nice vintage touch to the long sleeve. I’m also really happy that the long sleeve is thin because then I can wear it even when the weather is on the warmer side.


Glasses ~ Amazon ~ Similar

Even though I don’t technically need glasses, I enjoy wearing “fake” glasses because I think they are really cute and work as a nice accessory.

Leg Warmer ~ Amazon ~ Similar
I have to say that I was a little bit nervous to try out leg warmers. However, I discovered that they are a great staple clothing item for the cold weather! Not only do they keep your legs warm, if you also have trouble tucking your jeans into boots, they help hide the puffiness.
Doc Martens ~ Amazon 
I got doc marten boots last year for Christmas, and they are seriously one of my favorite boots ever! They are so comfortable, I could wear them all day. I love how they look great with jeans and skirts/dresses.
This last and final outfit I am going to show you is dressy and fun. I actually wore it for a photoshoot I did and it looked great in the pictures.
Dress ~ Amazon ~ Similar
This dress is so gorgeous! Baby doll dresses are one of my favorite dress styles and it really makes my day when a dress has pockets (it’s the little things ;)). I also added the white trim on the dress myself which adds a unique touch. 
Choker ~ Amazon ~ Similar
Necklace ~ Amazon ~ Similar
These necklaces are an amazing addition to the outfit. The chocker adds a nice elegant touch while the necklace gives it a little bling. 
Bracelets ~ Forever 21 ~ Similar
Earrings ~ Amazon ~ Similar
This bracelet set and earrings are so pretty and work perfectly as accents for the outfit.
Shoes ~ Amazon
These shoes are my most favorite part of the whole outfit! I love rose gold, so when I found these shoes on sale at a local store I new I had to get them. The ankle strap and heel, as well as the metallic color, really make the whole outfit pop.

and that brings us to the end of my first fashion haul! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun making it. Hang in there, the weekend is in sight!